The LeoVince brand history starts back in 1954 in Turin, Italy.
Initially the production was specialized on replacement silencers for 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles; these products are still known nowadays and are marketed with the Sito and Sito Plus brands.
Over the years, the manufacturing grew up, achieving a wide variety of special exhaust systems for street, off road and scooter applications, known worldwide with the LeoVince brand.
In recent years the SilverTail line, dedicated to the metric custom bikes, has been added.
Many teams of MotoGP, Superbike, Motocross, Enduro and of the most important national and international competitions were equipped with LeoVince exhausts. This experience led the technicians of the LeoVince R&D department to the design of the current LeoVince exhaust range, and to the craftsmanship of the use of materials such as titanium and carbon fiber.
In February 2014, after the bankruptcy of Sito Gruppo Industriale S.p.A. – the former parent company of all the brands – Belgrove Sp.Z.O.O. took over all the brands, the complete R&D department in Monticello (CN), Italy and the whole manufacturing organization and structure in Czluchow, Poland restarting the production and the world-wide distribution of the products with the LeoVince, Sito, Sito Plus and SilverTail brands.
The current Company structure is organized in 2 different locations:
Belgrove Italia S.r.l.: The R&D, sales and marketing departments are located in a 1,500sqm brand new R&D facility in Monticello (CN) in Italy, fully equipped with state of the art machinery for the development of exhaust systems, as well as a photo studio for the creation of marketing material. The Sales & Marketing team manage a world-wide network of 60+ distributors. The Business Unit consists of 10 people, among the different departments.
Belgrove Sp.Z.O.O.: The production is located in Czluchow, Poland, in a 22,000sqm factory, equipped with advanced technologies for the manufacturing of exhaust pipes. Belgrove is able to perform “in house” all the phases of the production process, from the punching and cutting of the steel sheets, to the bending of the tubes, to the welding in a controlled atmosphere, up to the creation of all the carbon fiber components and the final assembling. With the current 115 employees the production capacity is about 240,000pcs/year.
This acquisition is a strong signal of continuity for the LeoVince, Sito, Sito Plus and SilverTail product lines and an important answer to the new challenges imposed by the global market.